XCMG 20 Ton Truck Crane QY20B.5 /QY20G.5

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XCMG 20 Ton Truck Crane QY20B.5 /QY20G.5

Advanced in performance and reliable in quality with 5 highlights in the technology.Better performance, more reliable quality, and easier operation and maintenance, more energy-saving and better environmental protection....

XCMG 20 Ton Truck Crane QY20B.5 /QY20G.5

Advanced in performance and reliable in quality with 5 highlights in the technology.

Better performance, more reliable quality, and easier operation and maintenance, more energy-saving and better environmental protection.

Highlight I: Better performance

With the optimized machine layout and more reasonable stress on major load-bearing components, the lifting operation performance oversteps products with the same tonnage.

The mature boom technology is used for the inserted integration boom head, inserted boom block, special telescopic mechanism makes the telescoping of lifting beam more smooth and highly reliable.

The boom length covers the products of same tonnage in the market and increased 6% of the working condition coverage.

Through the optimized stress design, it uses the brand-new box-outriggers, and offers bigger span, stronger rigidity and better stability.

Operation efficiency improved by 6%.

Highlight II: More reliable

Use of classic K-series telescopic jib technology makes operations safer and more reliable.

Carefully elaborated and the most complete safety device system in the industry ensures that lifting operations are safer and more reliable.

Braking safety of the vehicle is ensured by the comprehensively upgraded braking system, dual-loop pneumatic design and multiple systems. The brand-new power steering mechanism enables vehicles to turn more lightweight, flexible and accurate with the use of the hydraulic assistant design and always safeguards the safety of vehicle.

The turntable with high rigidity and frame structure offers complete coordination between the strength and rigidity.

Fully automated welding and higher reliability have been achieved by the perfect fusion of the design and structural process.

Highlight III: Easier operation and control

The highly efficient and energy-saving load sensitive hydraulic system offers sensitive, comfortable operation and precision control, and possesses good micro-motion resistance.

The optimized push-pull operating device allows for easier operations.

The cab uses a front windscreen with large arc and creates wider vision for control.

Multi-stage adjustable swing reducer ensures that the swing system is more stable and reliable and offers higher efficiency.

Highlight IV: Easier maintenance

The pipeline of the brand-new optimized design provides a more scientific and reasonable layout, dramatically shortens time for the pipeline assembly and removal, reduces maintenance cost.

The comprehensively upgraded electrical system uses anti-creep plug-ins and has significantly extended the service life of the components.

With the use of K series rope anti-disorder technique, the lifting efficiency has been increased, the labor intensity reduced and the service life of rope extended.

The well designed telescopic wire rope guide and protection device prevented the wire rope from falling and being broken by crushing.

Full coverage aluminum alloy table provided the vehicle maintenance with a platform and efficiently protect vehicle components.

Highlight V: Energy-saving and better environment protection

It uses double control modular engine and and has a powerful dynamic, is economic and energy saving.

Under the economic mode, it can meet the demands using conventional lifting operation on the engine power, and effectively satisfy the requirements by the highly challenged and high efficient hoisting operations in high-power mode.

The powerful cooling device is used to avoid bad cooling of the system, settle the problem of oil overheating and extend the service time of hydraulic oil.

The advanced technology of machine matching and a more scientific design is used to reduce, to reduce the consumption of mechanism, extend the service life of machine and offer the higher residual value rate of equipment.


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our service

The complete machines we will supply 12 months or 2000 working hours warranty, in this period if any parts break because of quality problem, please take photo send to us, same time send engine number to us, we will send new parts to you free of charge.

We will send some easy damage parts to you together with machines.


Can we buy from you if we are the users directly?

Yes, you can buy directly from us if we have no distributors in your area.You can place order online directly.

How can I be your distributor?

Please contact our service manager for distributor recuriting and distributor support policy documents.

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